Your Customers’ First Impression is Our Business

At DCI, we understand art, design, and composition. We expertly design our products to flow cohesively with a building’s architecture. We use the building as a blank canvas and design around it to make our products stand out while fitting in architecturally. Our signs, awnings, and sun control products are made to visually enhance the overall look of the property while flowing seamlessly with its unique architecture.  

As part of our process, when creating original artwork, we provide several layout approaches such as color sketches and photo arrangements for consideration and review. When duplicating existing designs, we take extra care to match dimensions and color specifications precisely to insure consistent reproduction regardless of how many signs we produce.

Additionally, our electronic design files are seamlessly integrated with our state-of-the-art, computer-driven manufacturing equipment for precise reproduction. Designs also remain on our servers so that if a component requires replacement in the future we can reproduce it exactly as it was created originally.

DCI design services are available for all our products: channel letters, light boxes, pylon signs, banners, and awnings.

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