Four Trends Popularizing Aluminum Canopies for Commercial Use

The Rise of the Metal Canopy Market

Aluminum canopy systems have taken over as the most popular sun-control solution for commercial use. Based on our personal experience and involvement in the industry, we know first-hand that metal canopies have garnered significant interest and growth as we innovate, diversify, and customize these products exactly to our clients’ specs.  

Because they are both practical and appealing to the eye, aluminum canopies have become the obvious choice for various commercial applications. Here are the top four trends driving the growth of custom aluminum canopy installations as more businesses and owners or architects of commercial properties consider the benefits of these systems.

Curb Appeal & Architectural Design

Architectural designs and the overall vision of an architect are two factors significantly influencing the commercial application of custom canopies. Businesses are now focused more than ever on increasing curb appeal. As a result, they are working with architects and sun-control solutions companies to custom design and install canopies. Architects tend to use these canopies to soften the look of commercial buildings, add pops of color, and to break up an otherwise repetitive, uninteresting design. Canopies add depth, dimension, and personality.

This noticeable shift to more modern, personalized canopy designs, which meet the specific needs of businesses, drives the need for custom canopies.

Commercial Canopy Customization

Whether you need an architectural canopy for a storefront, an institution—like a college or hospital—or any other type of other commercial space, selecting a design that meets the needs of the client is most important. This means a style that is not only practical and functional, but also incorporates specific design elements that fit the commercial property and represent the brands within it.

Custom Canopy Design Partners—Not Vendors

A quality sun-control solutions manufacturer doesn’t just produce architectural canopies, awnings, and sunshades anymore; it works closely with its clients to ensure they are getting exactly what they want—and the clients love this collaborative approach. From conceptualization to design and installation, the customer is involved, providing feedback. At the same time, they look to the architectural canopy experts for insights and best practice tips to make more informed decisions.

Demand for Stronger, Quality Products

The desire for custom sun-control solutions has forged a path for product innovations in quality and architectural flexibility. Specifically, the demand for aluminum canopies on commercial properties is creating a need for more durable designs and materials, and this need is being met with innovation and creativity.

The No. 1 Sun-Control Solution for Commercial Buildings

Available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and designs, today’s custom options—in addition to the manufacturer’s desire to work closely with its clients—has helped this sun-control solution rise to the top. Aluminum canopies add color, depth, dimension; it helps define brand and enhance an architect’s vision; it extends a property’s available space; and of course, provides protection from environmental elements. As a result, it is clear to us that custom architectural canopies made of aluminum have become the go-to solution for commercial spaces.

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