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Pylon & Monument Signs

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are used to advertise a single business, multi-tenant shopping centers, or entryways to developments of all types. Pylon signs are versatile, long lasting and offer options like changeable directories and digital reader boards. They are best utilized when placed close to a road or highway, where they can be easily seen by vehicular traffic.

When deciding on what message to convey on this type of sign, the speed at which vehicles drive is an important factor. If the sign says too much, drivers may not have time to read it. In this instance, less is more.

Monument Signs

Monument signs often reflect the architectural characteristics of the buildings they stand before and continue the ambience of their environment by incorporating the colors, textures and stones of their surroundings. These signs are often made the focal point of gardens and landscaping designs and elegantly present an entryway.

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