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The Benefits of Entry Awnings

In a typical building, the glass entry doors and any adjacent windows create more opportunity for unwanted energy loss (in winter) and gain (in summer) than any other structural element.  During the summer, for example, a single square foot of unshaded glass can allow more energy into a building than an 8' x 10' insulated wall. 

That's a big reason why designers and business- or building-owners are looking more frequently toward adding new entry awnings at key traffic and visibility locations.  Once installed, high-quality awnings help limit the location's energy gain and loss every day and night, and do this during their considerable service lifetime. As a result, their benefits work out to be extremely cost-effective. Even better, well-designed and fabricated awnings create these energy savings in attractive, visually striking ways that help a building or business make distinctive, memorable impressions on every passer-by.

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